Friday, October 19, 2007

I started this wrister last winter when I never could get the house above 57 degrees. The idea of using crayon colored sock yarn (brand forgotten us #2 dpn) was that it would brighten dark days and go with anything...isn't that the same optimisim that lead us all to make our little brother a hat out of a similarly striped "Redheart" yarn back in the 70's? (that is, if you were around then) It is a bit "bright" for the wrist area, but I decided to forge ahead and mix things up a little and start on the second one on the knitting machine (LK150, T3, hand controlling upper tension) My, the second one was quick! even latching up eon using the adjustable latch tool set up with 2 latches and 4 spaces in between, passing across twice to keep tension even. Even I was surprised at how quick it went. Till this morning....
it is hanging on the machine, waiting for me to figure out what kind of bind off I should use...I sort of faked one on the hand knit wrister, and now, on the machine bind off, my mind is a blank as to what to use (I used the double knitted back ewrap cast on)

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